Do you offer install?
Yes! BlvdHome offers professional installation on all products done by our amazing installers who are each licensed and insured. The standard installation cost usually involves the laying of the new product, but extras such as furniture moving or floor prep may be extra costs that arise.

Will my BlvdHome account work for all my purchases including financing?
When making a purchase at BlvdHome, an account is created for you with your name and contact information. If you choose to finance, your financing is added to that same account and you can use this financing on any purchase (OAC). This account works at any of our locations in St. George, Cedar City, or Mesquite. You do not need multiple accounts to purchase different items.

How long does the typical install take?
Length of install depends entirely upon how big the job is. Generally speaking, most hard surface crews can install around 500 square feet in a day, while most carpet crews can install around 900 square feet in a day. Smaller items of labor such as furniture moving, floor preparation, or removal of old flooring can attribute to the total length of install.

What is floor prep?
If you see a "Floor Prep" charge on your bill, you're probably wondering what that includes. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing the condition of your subfloor until we remove the old flooring. Most of the time, subfloors are uneven, have cracks, or high spots. This floor prep charge covers the time and materials it may take to even out your subfloor in order to ensure proper installation. Keep in mind, the floor prep charge you see initially is just an estimate. There may be unforeseen additional preparation necessary in order for the job to continue, which may cost you a little more money. All of this is done to make sure your product is installed to manufacture specifications in order to maintain your warranty.

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